Bluebeam Enterprise Licensing

How does it work?

An Enterprise license is a special license key of Bluebeam Revu designed to help manage computer turnover. It does two things:
1. Automatically releases registered computers that have failed to communicate with our licensing server for 15 days.
2. Provides a temporary 5% overage of the total number of allowed installations.
In other words, once a machine takes up a seat by registering to an Enterprise license, it will periodically ping Bluebeam's Licensing Server to confirm that it is still active. If the machine fails to communicate with the server for a period of 15 days, it will automatically be released from the Enterprise license key, freeing up the seat to be registered to another machine. The 5% overage, or cushion, allows for the lag time between re-imaging workstations or releasing inactive seats. If you exceed the overage allowance, an "exceeded licenses" warning will appear, and further installations will be restricted.
The benefit of Enterprise licensing is that there is no longer a need to manually uninstall or release seats from workstations that are being transferred, phased out or re-imaged. This Enterprise licensing option takes care of that for you, ensuring that your licensed seats are fully utilised. Plus, since it is managed with Bluebeam servers, there is no need to install or maintain anything locally. Simple.

How do I know if I have used all of my licenses? Is there a charge for going over?

A usage report will be provided to you each month. If you are over your seat allowance, we will alert you so that you can purchase additional seats or unregister licenses from computers. As there is a 5% overage allowance provided, additional seats of Bluebeam Revu can be purchased at any time and added to your license. All new seat purchases will be based on the then current pricing with prorated maintenance, including the Enterprise option.

How do I qualify for Enterprise licensing?

There are a few requirements for Enterprise licensing, which you must fulfill to qualify.
1. Enterprise licenses are available to customers with any number of cumulative seats of Bluebeam Revu.
2. Your licenses must be consolidated into a single license key by product.
3. Annual maintenance must be current and maintained.
Please note, Enterprise licenses are not intended for Citrix or other terminal server environments.

How much does Enterprise licensing cost?

The cost for an Enterprise license is an additional $7 per seat annually and is co-termed with your current maintenance date.