Why Bluebeam is a Time Saving PDF Tool

Having a computerised program for AEC workflow saves your organisation time, maximises efficiency and streamlines your documentation. When you use Bluebeam PDF software (Revu), you save time and money, in many ways.

Create and Edit PDF Forms

If you need to make your PDF documents into a blank form, Bluebeam PDF software (Revu) is ideal. Once your form has been created, you can also easily edit and customise the form fields. You can add text fields, tick boxes and much more. You can set up the forms to automatically validate your entries, define actions and calculate values.

Search Scanned PDFs with OCR

If you are sent a scanned PDF document, it is not always possible to search and find the text you are looking for. With Bluebeam Revu, this problem is alleviated. The software has the function to search scanned PDF’s for text, even if the text is vertical.

Easy to Use Redaction Tools

Deleting confidential information is simple to do in Bluebeam Revu. The redaction tools allow you to edit PDF files so that the information is permanently deleted. You can delete graphics as well as text.

Sign and Seal in Batches

Manually signing and sealing documents is time-consuming. Bluebeam Revu allows you to streamline the signing process. Easily add a date, seal and digital signature to multiple files across multiple projects. Right-click on the stamp and stamp ALL pages at the one time.

Document Comparison

Tracking changes in various document versions can be time-consuming and difficult. Bluebeam PDF software (Revu) allows you to view your original and your revised documents next to each other, with the differences clouded. The PDF software makes it simple to track document changes. Documents can also be overlayed so that you can see the differences between the documents more accurately.

Bluebeam PDF software (Revu) allows you to easily edit PDF files in a way that saves your organization time. It also means that errors are far less likely. To find out more about this quality software PDF solution contact us at DRG Digital.

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