Work on the same documents with project partners at home, interstate, or around the world.
Bluebeam Studio - the ultimate cloud-based solution for online collaboration.
Studio is included in all versions of Bluebeam Revu, and allows you to securely manage projects electronically from beginning to end, anywhere, at any time, from your desktop, tablet PC or iPad - whether or not you have an Internet connection.

There are two sides to Studio:


Document-based online real time collaboration.


Document management system in the cloud for PDFs and other files

Studio Specifics

Sessions Projects
How many attendees can join? 500 No limits
How many files can I upload? 100 No limits
How big can those files be? 100 MB each No limits
How big can my markups be? 10 MB each No limits
How much space can I use? No limits No limits
What files does it support? PDF Any Windows file
Can I manage attendee access rights? Yes Yes
Can I view and restore previous file revisions? No Yes
Can I receive notifications about file and user activity? Yes Yes
Can I send and receive markup alerts? Yes No


All Project files, Session PDFs and markups, are stored in a secure database. Session and Project hosts can adjust permission settings to enable or disable attendee access, and restrict attendees from saving, editing or annotating files.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive timely and daily reports about Session and Project activity, regarding document and user status changes.
Alert Session attendees about specific markups that require their attention.
Markup alert emails include a preview of the markup, comments and a link to its exact location within the Session.
It's never been easier to keep projects moving forward.

Join Sessions and Projects

Only the host needs a license of Revu to initiate a Project or Session.
No extra subscription fee is required.
Invited attendees can participate in Projects and Sessions by downloading the free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu® for Windows and iPad.

Manage activity

All Session activity is automatically tracked in the Record, which links back to the document and can be archived or shared with your team as a Report.
File check-out and check-in activity is also tracked within a Project to provide detailed revision history that enables you to revert to a previous version of a file at any time.

Collaborate offline

Work with Project files regardless of Internet access.
Simply sync down files locally from a Project before going offline and sync back up any changes when you reconnect.
Lose online access during a real-time collaboration Session!
Your markups will be saved and added onto the Session documents when you reconnect.