Organise your PDFs in order.
Streamline processes to make any size project manageable.

PDF editing

Edit text, apply headers and footers, assemble files, combine and split documents and add, delete or rotate pages.


Use bookmarks to jump to a specific page in a PDF or snapshot view, go to a webpage or open a file. Create bookmarks automatically from page labels and PDF content.


Manage and add hyperlinks to PDFs that either link to websites or networked files, or jump to specific pages and places in a PDF.
Automatically generate an unlimited number of hyperlinks by file name, page label or page region.


Quickly add complex, hierarchical bookmarks to a file by pulling in dynamic components from a selection of bookmark templates, or create your own.


Easily tab between PDF files, launch multiple sessions of Revu at once and split your screen up to 16 times with MultiView™.

Compare Documents

Highlight the differences between two drawing revisions with easily identifiable clouds.
Compare two or more PDFs by assigning colors to layers with Overlay Pages.


Find keywords or phrases within PDF files and folders, or search for symbols - regardless of variations in color, size and rotation or intersecting line obstructions - using Revu's exclusive VisualSearch™.


Revu integrates into ProjectWise® and SharePoint® document management systems so you can seamlessly retrieve and check in documents directly from Revu.

File Access™

Use the File Access tab to pin, organise, preview and reopen PDF files with a mouse click.


Use built-in script commands to automate your desktop process, or integrate the programming language of your choice to perform advanced functions.


Define spaces within Spaces to make tracking and sorting markups easier and more efficient.


Add flags to PDF files to designate signature lines or draw attention to important information.