Studio Enterprise

Studio Enterprise

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Studio Enterprise

Looking for more control? Meet Studio Enterprise.

Studio Enterprise makes it easier and faster than ever for organisations to collaborate and share information in a controlled environment.
The server-based alternative to Bluebeam Studio, Revu’s cloud-based solution for collaboration, Studio Enterprise, enables organisations to house collaboration Sessions and Projects on their own local server.
The difference? With Studio Enterprise, IT administrators have the ability to easily control security and access, monitor Studio activity, and set user and file permissions – all behind their own firewalls.

Upload PDFs to Studio Enterprise for real-time document collaboration and internal file management behind your company’s own firewall, where assets can be securely controlled and monitored.

Active Directory
Integrate your organisation's existing Active Directory infrastructure to easily grant, restrict and manage user access to Projects and Sessions.

Manage Sessions
Set the file and markup size, as well as number of files and attendees that are allowed when creating or participating in a Session. Session expiration dates can also be scheduled to automatically restrict access and activity on a specific date and time.

Configure settings to connect to a database, change portal settings, verify users, specify an email address for notifications, link to and detect static or dynamic IP addresses, require complex passwords and change expired certificates.

Default Permissions
Manage default permissions with a simple dashboard that lets admins decide which users can access or start a Project or Session.

Markup Alerts
Enable alerts for Session attendees to specify markups that require timely attention. Markup alerts are visible when logging into Studio Enterprise and sent as emails that include related comments and a direct link to its precise location in the Session.

Studio Portal
Monitor all of the activity on the Studio Enterprise server, including the time and date of collaboration Sessions, which documents are uploaded to Sessions, markups added to PDF files, Session chat history, user emails, Session attendees, user restrictions and more.

File Recovery
Leverage full revision histories to revert to an earlier version of a document and easily undelete previously discarded project files.

Maintenance Renewal (optional)

One year of maintenance is included with the purchase of a software license. Customers have the option to renew maintenance each year.
The maintenance renewal price is $2,557 per license.


Customers with an active maintenance agreement receive free upgrades to new versions. Customers who choose not to renew maintenance may upgrade to the latest version for $3,689 (inc.GST) per license.

About Maintenance

Bluebeam Software offers annual maintenance for each purchased seat of Bluebeam Studio Enterprise.

The Bluebeam Maintenance Program is available for all users.

Product Upgrades

When Bluebeam Software releases a new major version of Revu, we will notify your company and provide upgrade license keys free of charge.

Premium Support

Receive premium phone and email support from our experienced technical support staff, trained to answer a wide range of PDF-related questions.

Local Support

Contact DRG DIGITAL for any immediate issues with the software and licensing.

All of our Bluebeam customers receive free, after-hours support.



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