Professional Home Use Licenses – PHU

Professional Home Use Licenses - PHU

Do you use Bluebeam Revu at work and wish you could have it on your home computer, as well? Bluebeam offers Professional Home Use (PHU) licenses at a discounted price to employees of companies that already own seats of Revu.

How do you qualify?

Employees are eligible to purchase one PHU license for each seat of Revu their employer has purchased. Purchases for home use can be made at any time after your employer purchases a regularly priced seat of Revu.

The following purchase rules apply for all PHU licenses:

1.PHU licenses are available solely for employees of companies that own seats of Revu to purchase for their home use.
2.All purchases must be made directly through a Bluebeam a reseller if living outside of the USA and Canada.
3.A valid company email address is required for each PHU license, along with a personal home email address.
4.Only one PHU license per customer is allowed.
5.Student/Education licensees do not qualify for PHU licenses.
6.A PHU license may be installed on up to 1 machine.
7.You have the option to upgrade a PHU license to the latest version, at the same purchase price of AU$145.20 for eXtreme, AU$110 for Revu Mac - (incl. GST).
8.PHU licenses are only available in Revu eXtreme version, or Revu for Mac.

Email address - for PHU licenses only: