Revu Release Notes

Revu 2019 - Release Notes



Set Scale improvements

  • New Set Scale dialog automatically prompts to calibrate or input a known scale, ensuring correct scale on all pages.
  • Quickly apply a known scale to a file, using new preset options for common imperial and metric measurements.
  • Apply a scale to a page range.
  • View or modify page scale from the Thumbnails panel or the Navigation toolbar.

Measurement properties enhancements

  • New Units dropdown for measurements in Properties Toolbar allow easy selection of desired units for independent measurement values.
  • Markups saved to the Tool Chest retain their selected Units settings.
  • Option to show or hide measurement tools at the top of the Measurements panel.
  • Revu now displays a preview of the running total of measurement values when placing measurement markups.
  • New detachable Totals dropdown in Properties Toolbar displays applicable totaled values for selected measurements.

Viewports updates

  • New ability to create new or edit existing viewports to allow placement of measurements in different scaled sections of the same page.
  • Added viewport option to “Clear All from Page,” which allows removal of viewports from a single page.



  • New hardware-accelerated rendering engine provides significant improvements to speed and performance of panning and zooming in PDFs.
  • Improved performance and memory usage when working in multiple split screens.
  • Rendering preview of surrounding areas on a document.

Fixed issues relating to:

  • Document appearance flickered when resizing screens or re-rendering measurements.
  • Certain documents intermittently displayed blank content after saving or idling.
  • Editing text in Text markups or PDF content occasionally caused document flickering, instability, or content to appear blank.
  • In split screen with Horizontal Scrollbars Preference enabled, documents in split views temporarily appeared blank until selected.
  • PNG images did not appear in print preview or when printed, while using hardware rendering.
  • Scrolling through pages in split screen or certain view modes navigated to incorrect page.
  • When application was minimized in taskbar while rendering, window intermittently could not be reopened.
  • PDF content temporarily appeared blank when adding markups while panning in document.
  • When using hardware rendering, Disable Line Weight setting was not visibly applied until interacting with document view.
  • Poor performance in hardware rendering mode occurred after locking/unlocking and moving many markups at once.
  • In certain files, thumbnails and document occasionally hung when scrolling to specific page while simultaneously opening files.

Configuration Editor:

  • New Configuration Editor provides a simplified interface allowing enterprise administrators to more easily set up new deployments, patch deployments, and other feature customization options (including the deployment of profiles, tool sets, and other
  • extensions) to be enabled through installation.

  • Additional guides and installation packages are available on the Enterprise Deployment site:
  • Automatic In-App Update Notifications

  • New automatic in-app update service displays a notification at start-up when a new version of Revu is available for download.
  • This update service and notifications will be first available upon release of the next point update.
  • The in-app update can be skipped to be downloaded at another time.
  • The availability of these in-app updates can also be controlled by administrators deploying Revu using the new Configuration Editor.


  • Added support for Revit 2020, AutoCAD 2020, AutoCAD LT 2020, Solidworks 2019, and Microsoft Office 2019.
  • Open Default PDF

  • New setting in Preferences allows for opening a selected PDF each time Revu is launched. Files may be stored on a network folder, local machine, configured DMS, or Studio Projects, allowing for easier access to a PDF dashboard or other frequently used
  • PDFs.

Additional Enhancements:

  • New option added to MSI to disable the “Follow Host” feature in Studio Sessions during Revu deployment.
  • Bookmarks, Places and Hyperlinks are now updated to point to the newest revision when replacing pages in Batch Slip Sheet. New Preference setting also enables this behavior when inserting pages during Batch Slip Sheet.
  • Added Invite button to Dynamic Properties Toolbar in Studio Projects.
  • View Mode now supports saving fillable forms.
  • Certain Bluebeam Administrator settings related to Revu are now accessible through Revu Preferences, including: Reset Settings, Backup Settings, Restore Settings, Use as Default PDF Viewer, Net Config settings, and access to Revu Logs.
  • Quantity Link now displays “Invalid: Mixed Units” message in Excel for measurement totals with different selected units.

Issues Resolved:


      • Improvements to Studio stability issues intermittently that caused unexpected disconnections.
      • Studio login dialog flashed upon Revu launch when “Keep me signed in” was enabled.
      • Tooltips in Studio Session record panel closed too quickly.
      • Removing all servers from Studio whitelist caused application to crash.
      • In Studio Sessions, filtering Markups List view by Status needed to be re-applied to display new status changes to other users’ markups.
      • Switching from View Mode to Markup Mode did not reenable certain functions related to Studio Sessions.
      • Menu to send Studio Project files to existing Sessions was not scrollable.
      • Unsuccessful Studio login when Windows setting for web content language was disabled.

Digital Signatures:

      • Error occurred when applying certain Digital Signatures with custom appearances including image files.
      • When adding Digital Signatures from certain Certificate Authorities, signatures appeared briefly but were not applied.
      • Unsuccessful application of digital signatures using certificates issued by Comodo.

Markups and measurements:

      • Highlight tool incorrectly selected text aligned with bottom of cursor.
      • Grouped markups on rotated pages displayed with incorrect rotation in Legends.
      • Markup control points were not visible if document view was rotated 270 degrees.
      • Pen tool markups created with Surface Pen stylus appeared jagged.
      • Stamps added with Batch Apply Stamp did not display correct Opacity.
      • When selecting a Status for a markup, the Markups List scroll reset to top of the list.
      • Arrow keys stopped navigating document after resuming a Count markup.
      • Count column in Markups List incorrectly displayed total of “1” for counts created in Revu 2016.
      • Fill Color palette in Properties panel did not display “No Fill” option when grouped markups or multiple markups were selected.
      • Certain Dynamic Text was not appearing correctly when using Batch Apply Stamp.
      • Copying and splitting Count markups created in Revu 2016 or earlier caused incorrect selection of Counts.
      • Length measurement updated incorrectly and label was temporarily hidden after label was adjusted in Properties panel.
      • Markups List column display order incorrectly reset to default order when Manage Columns dialog was opened.

Stability improvements, including:

      • Invalid loading of Roboto font caused freezing or missing text in installation dialogs, especially in Windows 7 environments.
      • Files with XRefs crashed when creating 3D PDFs from AutoCAD plugin.
      • Object Reference Error occurred when opening certain secured PDFs.
      • Object Reference Error intermittently appeared when closing documents.
      • Object Reference Error caused by combining files with hyperlinks through the Stapler.
      • Application hung when closing Properties panel with uncommitted changes, or when navigating from Rotation field with Tab key.
      • With certain documents open, loading previews of Stamps containing JavaScript intermittently caused application to crash.
      • Intermittent crashes occurred when saving files to an unavailable network drive.
      • Installation dialogs occasionally hung when updating to new point release, requiring application restart.
      • For newly created or combined PDFs with unsaved changes, extracting pages as separate files displayed error and closed Revu.
      • Slow performance and increased memory usage caused by switching between Profiles.

Additional improvements and fixes:

    • Blank Panel Access toolbar appeared when reopening Revu with no panels on right side.
    • Error occurred when opening IRS W-9 fillable form.
    • Next/Previous view buttons intermittently navigated to incorrect page.
    • Bookmark views and child bookmark organization not retained in certain files when combined through Stapler.
    • Issues printing files opened through BfX.
    • Duplicate annotation references caused Markups List and Hyperlinks panel to not load correctly.
    • Changes to selection in Page Range field when Printing not set as default for future print jobs.
    • Deleting pages from Thumbnails intermittently caused Revu to hang.
    • Closing document tabs intermittently caused tabs to appear blank.
    • Print Preview did not update when Auto-detect page size was selected.
    • Printing files with “Document Only” option selected prints with blank page.
    • Certain functions may have appeared disabled when Windows display language was set to certain non-English regions.
    • Hyperlinks to SharePoint Online 2016 returned 403 Forbidden error.
    • Page Labels and Bookmarks created with AutoMark were not displaying subsequent page regions for certain files.
    • With certain “What to Plot” configuration in Revit plugin, converted PDFs were occasionally missing bookmarks or views.
    • Issue occurred when logging in to SharePoint 2010 when configured to use pnp:ListInstance.
    • Access to libraries stored in Global Assembly Cache may have failed when conflicting versions are shared with other applications.